Hotspot Shield Elite 4.20.5

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Hotspot Shield Elite 4.20.5

Post by TheCheaterX on Fri Aug 28, 2015 9:07 pm


AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite VPN technology enables you to send encrypted data over previously unencrypted networks. Besides providing you with private and secure Web browsing, VPNs such as Hotspot Shield VPN provide many other important benefits. Compared to a web proxy, VPN also offers much better security and privacy online.
Hotspot Shield VPN is the most trusted VPN in the world with over 200 million downloads. It is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad & Android devices.


•Protect Your privacy
Protect your IP Address and surf the web anonymously

•Bypass Internet Censorship
Bypass internet censorship and restrictions Instantly unblock YouTube, unblock Facebook, or unblock websites. Get access to geo-restricted sites and VOIP applications.

•Secure Your Internet
Secure your data, online Shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption.

•Enable Wi-Fi security
Enable Wi-Fi security and prevent hackers from stealing your personal information

•Get Malware protection
Protect your device from malware, phishing, spam sites, and malicious sites.

•Get data savings on mobile
Download up to twice the content for the same bandwidth cost with Hotspot Shield data compression technology.

•Unblock websites
Unblock YouTube, unblock Facebook, unblock Twitter or sites at school, the library, or your office with Hotspot Shield VPN. You can bypass filters and firewalls set by your network administrator to gain access to your favorite content.

•Anonymous surfing
Because of privacy and security concerns, you may want to browse the Web anonymously. Hotspot Shield Free VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and our servers to let you conduct your online activities (visit the websites you want, make online transactions, download files) anonymously, without being tracked and spied upon.

•Hide your IP address
The Internet is infested with spammers, snoopers, and hackers. They silently monitor your online activities and steal your sensitive data like credit card information and passwords when you least expect it. If you connect with Hotspot Shield enabled, you get a new US IP address to mask your actual IP address and surf the Internet anonymously.

•Private & secure browsing
VPN offers an enhanced level of security online. Whenever you connect to the Internet through Hotspot Shield VPN, your data, including passwords, financial transactions and instant messages, is secured and encrypted. Additionally, your personal information is hidden from web spies.

•Wi-Fi security
If you browse the Internet at a public Wi-Fi hotspot like the Starbucks in your town, anyone on that network can monitor and spy on your web activities. Irrespective of where you connect from, a personal VPN secures your web browsing session and keeps your private data considerably more private.

•Malware protection
Hotspot Shield VPN will alert you if you visit sites that are known to contain malware, and then block the site. It detects and blocks more than 3.5 million malicious, phishing and spam sites from infecting your device.

•Protect Your Data
Hotspot Shield VPN offers you much better security and privacy protection than a web proxy. Hotspot Shield free VPN encrypts your internet traffic, and enables you to access blocked or geo-restricted sites.

What's New 4.20.5

•Various bug fixes and improvements implemented
•New updated UI
•Added Korean, Portuguese and Indonesian to supported languages
•Added the following Protection Modes: Selected Sites, Smart, and Full.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Ram: 256mb
Hard Disk Space Required: 100mb
Processor: intel pentium 1V or later


* Read carefully the instructions included in the file.
* Download link might need google account.
* These files are for experimental and educational purposes only.
* support developers.If you liked the program buy it,they deserved it!


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